FlappCast Episode 173: DJ Demers – A Funny Guy Who Happens To Wear Hearing Aids…

D.J. Demers is an award-winning stand-up comedian.

D.J. appeared on season 11 of America’s Got Talent. He has performed stand-up on Conan and was the winner of the 2014 Homegrown Comics Competition at the prestigious Just For Laughs festival in Montreal. After winning the competition, D.J. was invited to perform at a TV taping, the first time that has happened in festival history.

D.J. was also a featured performer at Toronto’s JFL42 comedy festival in 2014, the winner of the 2013 Toronto Comedy Brawl, was a finalist in NBC’s Stand-up for Diversity, and won ‘Best Breakout Artist’ at the 2015 Canadian Comedy Awards.

He also wears hearing aids.


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FlappCast 172: The Kill Formula with Dat Phan


Dat Phan is the Original Winner of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and is a Headlining Comedian touring live across the U.S. He has made numerous TV and movie appearances including “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, “The Family Guy” voiceover, and “Cellular”. Most recently Dat has appeared on “The Tyra Banks Show” discussing racial diversity.


?Dat Phan was born in Saigon, Vietnam and immigrated with his mother to San Diego, CA. He suffered through financial hardships most of his childhood. After 9/11 he realized life was short and decided to go for his dream to pursue comedy full time. Moving to LA he had to live out of his car and even after being robbed at gunpoint he wouldn’t stop pursuing his dream. Dat answered phones for The Improv in Hollywood during the day and tried to get as much stage time as possible at night; this meant he often went on well after midnight when crowds were often more drunk than coherent. Later, Dat took the risk and auditioned for the experimental, comedy based show produced by NBC that would launch his career. The rest is history as he was named the funniest person in America on August 5, 2003.


?Dat’s culturally insightful comedy inspects ridiculous stereotypes, and shares his experience of being a regular American guy with a Vietnamese heritage. His youthful energy and truly unique life experiences, including all the tough times, are combined to create the message of living your dreams and reaching out for the stars. Dat Phan’s mission is to bring a more positive portrayal of Asian-Americans to mainstream entertainment and Hollywood. “We want to be seen as more than just martial artists, or bad stereotype token roles in American TV & Movies.”


?Dat Phan has been included in The Smithsonian Institution’s exhibition of The Top 10 Most Influential Vietnamese-American Individuals. The DVD “Dat Phan Live” was released in January 2010 and is available from Amazon.com. Dat’s CD, “You Touch, You Buy” is available on iTunes and his new CD will be available Fall of 2014. His most recent films “Sake-Bomb” and “Hungover Games” premiered early 2014 and are now available on Amazon.com. The film “108 Stitches”, in which Dat Phan is a co-lead, will premier Sept 12, 2014.

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Flappcast Episode #171: Flip Schultz

Flip discusses starting out in the Florida Comedy Scene & contributing to Dana Carvey’s latest Netflix special.

Skippy discusses… let’s just say it’s NSFW.


When Flip Schultz was eight years old, he won a summer camp talent show by performing stand up comedy. There was never a doubt in his mind that comedy would be his future.

For a while he performed wherever he could find an audience, whether at a family get together, bar-mitzvahs, seniors center; he didn’t care. He just wanted to make people laugh.

Finally, at 18, he braved a real comedy stage and won the open mike contest. For the next few years Flip performed at many comedy clubs (and bars) honing his craft, paying his dues and finding his comedic voice. And he still managed to earn his degree in theater.

After leaving South Florida as a local favorite, Flip now lives in Los Angeles and tours clubs & colleges all over the country, and has quickly become a sought after comic in Scandinavia.

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Flappcast Episode #170: GeoffKeith: Behind The Funny With Geoff Keith

On this weeks episode, Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder interview Geoff Keith. 

Along with being a cast member on “Disaster Date” on MTV for two seasons, Geoff Keith is one of the top college comedians in the United States. In 2012 he was nominated for College Comedian of the Year by Campus Activities Magazine. His TV appearances range from doing stand up on HBO to BET to Comedy Central to CBS’s “Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson.” He has also appeared on multiple VH1 Countdown Shows as well as “Chelsea Lately” on E!. His book “Guys Have No Game, A Book of First Impressions” which is a compilation of the funniest online dating site pick up lines is a top seller on Amazon. Keith is currently one of the stars of “Jerks With Cameras” on MTV.

-Geoff Keith
“I take the high road, then I brag about it.”

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Flappcast Episode #169: DonFriesen: Talking More Politics With Don Friesen

On this weeks episode, Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder interview Don Friesen. If you missed Don’s hilarious Showtime one-hour Special,   Ask Your Mom  you’ve got to catch him Live!  Don captures the irony of parenting, marriage and everyday absurdities through characters, voices, parodies and some of the best written routines around!

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Flappcast Episode #168: JamesP.Connolly: Talking Politics With James P Connolly

On this weeks episode, Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder interview James P Connolly. James P. Connolly is a stand up comedian and radio/TV host known for his playful, confident style and unique sense of humor.
In addition to having appeared on Comedy Central and HBO, James hosted VH1′s “Movie Obsessions” and more recently “Live From Here” on XM Radio for National Lampoon. He is recognized across the country as one of the most played comedians on the Sirius XM Comedy Channels and is a frequent guest on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show. James has also made multiple trips overseas to entertain the troops.
His latest CD “The Master Plan” debuted to rave reviews on XM Radio’s Comedy Concert Series and has been called “captivating” and “laced with intelligent humor, edgy opinions” and “leaves them (the crowd) hanging on his every word!”
James also wants you to know you he has a very manly voice.

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Flappcast Episode #167: Richard Pryor: Richard Pryor and the rise of the dead comedians

On this weeks episode,  Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder give rise to the great Richard Pryor

Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor (December 1, 1940 ? December 10, 2005) was an American stand-up comedian, social critic, and actor. Pryor was known for uncompromising examinations of racism and topical contemporary issues, which employed colorful vulgarities and profanity, as well as racial epithets. He reached a broad audience with his trenchant observations and storytelling style. He is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential stand-up comedians of all time: Jerry Seinfeld called Pryor “The Picasso of our profession” and Bob Newhart heralded Pryor as “the seminal comedian of the last 50 years”. This legacy can be attributed, in part, to the unusual degree of intimacy Pryor brought to bear on his comedy. As Bill Cosby reportedly once said, “Richard Pryor drew the line between comedy and tragedy as thin as one could possibly paint it.


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Flappcast Episode #166: Dwayne Perkins: Dating advice from Dwayne Perkins Joshua can appreciate

On this weeks episode, Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder interview Dwayne Perkins. Brooklyn native Dwayne Perkins is a young vet in the comedy game.  He has earned a spot in today’s elite class of standup comics with several appearances on Comedy Central and on Conan.  Most recently, he has been getting a lot of buzz for his recurring piece on The Jay Leno Show entitled “Great White Moments in Black History

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Flappcast Episode #165: Jeff Richards: Comedy That Makes You Want To Go Home and Make A Sandwich

Jeff Richards describes his early years, favorite impressions, and his musical comedy in a British accent that he sustains through the entirety of the 1 hr interview.

From the LA Weekly Article by Julie Seabaugh:

“Working with musicians Ben Seaward, Brandon Christy, Peter Von Pinnon and John Sanders he eschewed the clever acoustic-guitar ditties popularized by the likes of fellowSNL vet Adam Sandler up through duo Garfunkel & Oates, who are debuting their eponymous new series August 7 on IFC. Richards’s output is instead experimental and eclectic, something akin to next-level Reggie Watts by way of electronica and dubstep.

Above all, the songs are defiantly, joyously weird. (Sample lyric: “Lightning could strike you dead / Slip in the shower, crack your head / Tricked by an ex-wife with an improvised explosive device / Ripped apart by horses or stomped by horses or kicked by a horse or just fall off a horse” from the addictively hummable “Someday You Will Die.”) “You can laugh at it, and you can dance to it,” Richards explains. “I used to go out and dance, and no matter how I danced people would laugh at me, so I just wanted to make something that was the max percent of that feeling.”

The full-length Singles includes six highlight tracks from previous effortsA$$WAX and Rain Makes Me Wet, plus new numbers “Def Wanna F,” “Tracking You,” “Your Brain” and “Muscle Bitch.” The latter serves as the album’s de facto single complete with a music video incorporating sinister British accents, animation, Richards in a marching-band jacket and an elderly bodybuilder flexing in a unitard.”

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Flappcast Episode #164: Accidental Pregnancies with Ian Harris

On this weeks episode Joshua Snyder interviews Ian Harris. A fascinating and funny mix of spot-on impressions and clever, cutting-edge
comedy, headliner Ian Harris’ act has landed him coveted appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Comedy Central, DirecTV’s MMA drama “Kingdom, as well as his own hour TV special “Critical & Thinking” which AXS TV  called “A truly masterful hour of wit, humor and derisive jabbing.” Ian was also named #25
on Entertainment Journal’s Top 100 Comedians list, was a semi-finalist in Comedy Central’s “Laugh Riots Competition” and dubbed “Top Character Comedian in Town” by Backstage West.  His keen grasp of science, evidenced by his satirical, skeptical take on everything from religion to global warming-deniers and beyond, has also earned him comparisons to favorite
thinking-man’s comics like Lenny Bruce, Bill Maher and George Carlin.