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FlappCast: Behind The Funny

FlappCast Behind the Funny.  Stories from the club owner and find inside the comedy club.  

Sep 29, 2016

Jeff Richards describes his early years, favorite impressions, and his musical comedy in a British accent that he sustains through the entirety of the 1 hr interview.

From the LA Weekly Article by Julie Seabaugh:

"Working with musicians Ben Seaward, Brandon Christy, Peter Von Pinnon and John Sanders he eschewed the...

Sep 22, 2016

On this weeks episode Joshua Snyder interviews Ian Harris. A fascinating and funny mix of spot-on impressions and clever, cutting-edge
comedy, headliner Ian Harris' act has landed him coveted appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Comedy Central, DirecTV's MMA drama "Kingdom, as well as his own hour TV special "Critical...

Sep 15, 2016

Hailing from Memphis, TN, Nick Cobb attended Indiana University where he majored in Psychology and learned to obsess over meaningless nonsense. This led him to work in his first comedy club, aptly named “The Looney Bin.” It was at a tiny Beale Street bar where Nick won a stand-up competition, was bitten by the...

Sep 3, 2016

Paige Wesley is a fun, confident, and assertive new voice in comedy.  Originally from the Bay Area in California,  she found her calling when the kids started picking on the “chubby chick” and it seemed that the only comeback for those bullies was a few solid punchlines.  After a brief stint at UCLA where...