FlappCast Episode #159 – Comedy And Hacking And Magic!… with Jose Barrientos

JoseBarrientosJose Barrientos, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses when Jose was on ABC’s 20/20 for his YouTube videos “Speech 101 Prank”; him being in the army, going to Iraq twice, and the paper cuts he received from going; his impressions, how his skill at computer tech borderlines on magic; and his actual performances of magic.
During our I See Dumb People segment, Jose reads an email that was sent to Flappers, and Barb reads the response she wanted to send, then the response she actually sent.
During Punch It Up, Isaac Hirsch, winner of a Flappers’s Uncle Clyde’s Comedy Contest Soup Or Bowl round, performs a 3 minute set and gets critiques.

Speeh 101 Prank

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