Monthly Archives: February 2016

FlappCast Episode #140 – But Enough About The Holocaust

flappers_logo_eat_drink_laughJoshua Snyder discusses helping out the Flint water crisis, comedy news, and of course, the Holocaust. During Punch It Up, David Tillinger and Cathy Reinking perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

FlappCast Episode #139 – Pre Day Of Valentine Fun!

flappers_logo_eat_drink_laughJoshua Snyder, along with Crystal Charee, discusses the upcoming Day of Valentine. Also they discuss Crystal being the Assistant Booker for Flappers, and give booking advice. During Punch It Up, Mark Ciarrocchi and Avanti B perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

FlappCast Episode #138 – FU, Or Should I Say, FCU?

flappers_logo_eat_drink_laughJoshua Snyder discusses the idea of comedy classes; whether it’s FU, Flappers University, or FCU Flappers Comedy University; and that open mics are often not a good judge of whether your material is working or not. During Punch It Up, Paul Green, Dan Max, and Alycia Marie perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.