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FlappCast: Behind The Funny

FlappCast Behind the Funny.  Stories from the club owner and find inside the comedy club.  

Jan 27, 2016

Joshua Snyder discusses his thoughts on emojis, the awesome thing of comedians being able to produce their own shows thanks to Netflix and such, and the importance of comedians using social media cause agents and bookers like those with tons of twitter followers. During Punch It Up, Brandon Sanborn, Mike Perkins, and...

Jan 20, 2016

Joshua Snyder discusses comedy, and reads from Time Magazine. During Punch It Up, Paul Douglas Moomjean, Will Kittler, and Jaclyn Passaro perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

Jan 6, 2016

Joshua Snyder discusses comedy. During Punch It Up, David P. Kronmiller, Rick Garrison, and Sylus Rothchild perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.