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FlappCast Episode #63 – Fanning the Comedic Flames with Ken Garr

KenGarrKen Garr, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses his professionally fighting fires at age 12 with his father, the art of doing material about your current significant other, the difference between performing comedy in a person’s hometown vs L.A., and the interestingness of comedy in fundraisers.
During Punch It Up, Ari Ruelas and Tom Knight perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

Ken Garr grew up on the south side of Chicago. The son of a retired Chicago Fire Fighter and Homemaker, Ken proudly hails from three generations of fire fighters. The youngest of 4 children, Ken’s hilarious views on life are derived from growing up in a blue collar family with his own white collar aspirations.

Ken’s countless life experiences including his recent divorce, a journey to “creepy” baldness and numerous run-ins with the law and subsequent trips to the hospital make his seemingly never-ending journey to fame and fortune a can’t miss experience.

A graduate of the world famous Second City Conservatory, Ken brings the influential characters of his life to stage with energy and zeal to produce a show that is nothing less than extraordinary.

FlappCast Episode #62 – Aida Rodriguez, Comic Still Standing

aidalaughsAida Rodriguez, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses her being on this season of Last Comic Standing, her early influences in comedy, how female comics have portrayed themselves over the decades, preparing material for television, and of course, they also talk about Josh’s sexcapades.

Aida Rodriguez’s “edgy, raw and in your face” style of comedy has set her apart in a world that celebrates funny over double-standards.  Catching the eye of some of the most recognizable names in Comedy, she is creating a lane of her own.

As a single mom of two, Aida has honed and nurtured her craft all while juggling the daily grind and stresses of family and career.  While providing endless material, family remains the heart of the Aida Rodriguez experience.  “Suddenly, the pages of my journal have become a laughing matter!”

Aida is a currently on this season on of NBC’s Last Comic Standing and a regular on the nation’s most iconic and historic comedy stages across the country.  She has also hosted and/or been featured on numerous television and radio broadcast programs including but not limited to, the Daytime Television show Hot Topics with Judge Joe Brown, Nickelodeon’s Mom’s Night Out, Parental Discretion, as well as NuVo TV’s Stand Up and Deliver and serves as one of the unique voices on the network’s talking heads style show Latino 101 alongside Edward James Olmos. 

Aida Rodriguez is also breaking down barriers in the world of comedy.  Previously selected to host the Miss California Latina Pageant, Aida was the first comedian chosen to host in over 20 years. Following her dream as a little girl to be Bob Hope when she grew up, Aida has also been on several USO and MWR tours, making her an international performer.

In addition to her comedic chops, Aida Rodriguez is a dynamic actor, writer and producer.  Aida has written and produced four feature films that have all obtained international distribution.  Of those, The Greatest Song is one of Image Entertainment’s top sellers. Aida is one of the stars of the dramatic award winning web series Illegal and one of the leads in the feature film Single Track, which is currently in production.

Comedian/Actor Arsenio Hall says; “Aida has something I never had when starting my stand up career. She has tremendous self-confidence! That combined with being funny should be lethal. Her comedy is a colorful splash in the bland world of affairs.”

FlappCast Episode #61 – Justin Worsham… Comedian, Ferengi, and Mangria Drinker

justin-worsham-blue-vertical-hJustin Worsham, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses how Justin and Barb go waaay back in the world of comedy, both in performing and the business side. Justin also talks about starting in acting and improv by playing a Ferengi and a Romulan at a theme park, over the years making several comedy albums to both have merchandise and a stream of new material, and his love of Mangria. During Punch It Up, Jose Alvarez and Crystal Charee perform 3 minute sets and get critiques… with something misheard getting a bit “comedically rapey”.

Stand Up Comedian Justin Worsham has been described as, “the voice that lives in every man’s head,” and “The Nicest Funniest Guy Around.  Justin is wowing audiences of all ages and sizes with his clean, energetic, improvisational comedic style. His comedy attacks the lack of rational thought within the institution of marriage, and the insane behavior of snobs.  He has performed for Colleges such as West Virginia Tech and York College of PA, in Major Comedy clubs such as The Improv,  Rooster T. Feathers, The Ice House, Hollywood Improv, The Comedy Store, and more. He was the winner of  the California Comedy Conference, and has been featured on Showtime, National Lampoon Radio. He has entertained companies like Save Mart Foods, AAA, Gallo Winery, Intel, and IBM. He is also a graduate of the Second City LA Conservatory, and also performs with ComedySportz  around the country.

FlappCast Episode #60 – The Scary Clowns and Crevasse Cloths of Tony Baker

TonyBakerHeadshotTony, with Joshua Snyder, discusses starting out in acting and comedy, Tony’s kids, thinking of comedy while showering with his crevasse cloth, scary clowns, and being on Last Comic Standing.

Born Anthony C. Baker in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Tony and his family quickly moved back to the city of Chicago where he was raised on the south side. His passion for film started at a very early age and stayed with him throughout his life. While attending New Mexico State University his creative ideas were brought to the forefront while writing and directing films with his colleagues just for the love of it. His comedic skills developed while hosting pageants, talent shows, and fund-raising events on the NMSU campus. His love for theater developed when he made his stage debut in the University production of “Of Mice & Men” in which he received his first acting award. After bringing his acting talents to the stage he knew that it was time to make the dream a reality and uprooted his family to California to pursue a career in acting and stand up comedy.