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FlappCast: Behind The Funny

FlappCast Behind the Funny.  Stories from the club owner and find inside the comedy club.  

Feb 27, 2014

Greg, with his great and wonderful enthusiasm, discusses being in the Marines, doing corporate performances, and various stories from the comedy world... and exercising by surviving MMA training.


From Corporate Employee to Corporate Entertainer!

A favorite on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show. He has...

Feb 19, 2014

Jackie discusses what you learn from going on the road, such as her now being able to "book a shi**y one-nighter in any state in the union". She also talks about the various other creative areas realted to comedy that comedians can delve into, such as webseries and podcasts. Jackie has her own long running podcast, The...

Feb 12, 2014

Club oweners Barbara Holliday and Dave Reinitz are interviewed by Cosmo Times about the origins of Flappers Comedy Club.
Grant discusses being one of MTV's Jerks With Cameras, and also recounts his early days starting stand-up at the tender age of 19.

Originally from London, England by way of San Diego and...

Feb 5, 2014

Cash discusses the differences between doing short TV spots vs full live shows, improvisation within a stand-up set, and the great pastime of gate crashing various events. Cash Levy has appeared numerous times on Comedy Central, Fox, NBC, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS), Comics Unleashed, Comedy.TV and is a...