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EPISODE # 23 – MAKING YOUR OWN WAY with Lou Santini !!!

Lousantini Lou Santini joins hosts Barbara Holiday and Joshua Snyder to give you tips on how to develop your set and the communication skills necessary to go from open mics to headliner shows.Featuring performances by Howard Aronin, Dave Gregory, and Pedro Salinas.

Lou Santini is more than a triple threat of hilarity. He is a comedian, actor, host, teacher, and author that has opened for the likes of Bob Saget and Paul Reiser, and can be seen on the Reelz channel and his own web series, “Those Guys”. His new book, “How to go from Wedding Hell to Wedding Bells: Your Wedding Shouldn’t Need a ‘Survival Guide’” is currently available on Kindle.

EPISODE #22 – BRANDING YOURSELF w/ Darren Carter the Party Starter !!!

darren_carter_headshot1_2013 Darren Carter joins hosts Barbara Holiday and Joshua Snyder to discuss how to develop and present yourself as an identifiable, iconic comedian. Featuring performances by Rishi Arya, Mike Beccerra, and Maagic Collins.
When Darren Carter takes the stage, he takes the audience with him. A whirlpool of impressions and observations with on-point improvisation keeps the crowd rolling through the night, and on through the morning if they’re lucky.. From The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to Be Cool with John Travolta, to Comedy Central, BET and Showtime, the aptly named “Party Starter”, and sometimes even “Rooster”, gets recognized on the daily by his many adoring fans. See what all the fuss is about and join the party! Darren Carter style.

EPISODE #21 ON THE RHODES- with Tom Rhodes

thumb Tom Rhodes joins hosts Barbara Holiday and Joshua Snyder to discuss his journey from a young comedian to a successful international TV host, Travel writer, and Comedy act. Featuring performances by Kyle Chrise, Michael Gregorian, and Gillian Bellinger.
Tom Rhodes is a world traveling comedian. The New York Times describes him as “A mostly natural intellect with a knack for reporting the harsh realities of life with a dark and absurdly optimistic cynicism.”

An adventurer forging his own path, Rhodes has built a career that not only includes stand-up specials, a sitcom, a travel show, a late night talk show, numerous live CD’s & DVD’s, his critically acclaimed podcast Tom Rhodes Radio, as well as being a travel writer for the Huffington Post.

Fresh from releasing his new hour special Light Sweet Crude on Netflix and Rhodes has had a long raucous career covering every corner of the globe. In 2012 Rhodes was featured in the Showtime stand-up series, Live From Amsterdam (2012). His three half hour stand-up specials include two Comedy Central Presents… (2009 & 2001) and Raw, recorded in Stockholm for Swedish television (2009). He had his own sitcom television show on NBC called Mr. Rhodes (1996 – 1997), his own Late Night Talk show on Dutch television Kevin Masters starring Tom Rhodes (2002 – 2003), and traveled the world as a TV presenter on the Dutch travel program Yorin Travel (2004).

His latest LIVE recording as a double CD Colossus of Me released in 2012. In 2009 named his DVD Rhode Scholar the Number One Comedy DVD of 2009. As a featured travel writer for Huffington Post his travel story ‘A Tragedy, A Miracle And A Brawl…Welcome to Ireland’ got awarded by the Huffington Post one of the Top 10 Best Travel Stories of 2011. His podcast Tom Rhodes Radio was named one of the Top 10 of Best Podcasts of 2011 by and was praised as the best newcomer in The Onion AV’s Club (December 2012).

The International Man of Comedy is currently on his Colossus of Me tour. Catch him while he is in town!

EPISODE #20 Getting Personal with SALEEM !




Saleem HS Black Tie
Saleem joins hosts Barbara Holiday and Joshua Snyder to discuss the importance of being personal with your comedy. Featuring performances by Parker Searfoss, Viktor Aggerwhil, and Ganglai Wang.

Saleem is not only a great Comedian… he’s a great Contrarian: “Even if you agree with me, it’s not for the same reasons.” Not up for debate are the audience reactions. His clean but irreverent style, instant likeability and dynamic presence belie his edgy, refreshing material. He speaks to everyone, but never compromises his comedic “voice”—making him a hot commodity in clubs, colleges, cruises, theatres and corporate events worldwide.

The recent winner of the prestigious Boston Comedy Festival, Saleem hails from Dayton. Ohio. He has much in common with the city’s famous aviation pioneers. “Like the Wright Brothers, the minute I could, I flew out of Dayton too… I rarely go back…. because my family still lives there.”

But the sky’s his limit, and he’s well on his way to those heights. His credits include The Tonight Show, Lopez Tonight, Last Comic Standing, Best Damn Sport Show, Comic View and hosting Sirius Satellite Radio.