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EPISODE #19 – Comedy Under 30 with GEOFF KEITH

GeoffKeith Geoff Keith joins hosts Barbara Holiday and Joshua Snyder to discuss how he started out as a young comic, and all the ups and downs that lead to his successful career as a national headliner. Featuring performances by Katie Strandberg, Raajeev Aggerwhil, and Maagic Collins.

Geoff Keith began performing stand up comedy at the end of 2003.  Since then he has been making a name for himself and audiences and industry have both been taking notice.  After Keith’s first time on stage he walked off and heard an audience member saying, “remember that kid’s name.”

He spent his first two years traveling all over Southern California every night driving over 100 miles per night just to get stage time.  He performed at AA meetings, restaurants, swap meets, nudist colonies, bars, clubs, etc.  Whether there were two people or 200 people he would make the drive.

Soon he began traveling to other states such as Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Nevada for gigs.  The drives did not get any shorter going from state to state each day.

In January 2006 he got an opportunity to work a week at the Sacramento Punchline Comedy Club with Pablo Francisco.  Francisco immediately brought Keith on the road with him for the remainder of the year giving Keith tons of experience working in front of packed crowds at the top clubs in the country.  Francisco also included Keith in his one hour Comedy Central special “Pablo Francisco’s: Ouch!” which aired in 2006. Since then Keith has appeared on Playboy TV’s “Night Calls,” Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham,” CBS’s “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” ABC’s “Comic’s Unleashed with Byron Allen,” HBO’s “Down and Dirty with Jim Norton,” BET’s “One Mic Stand,” E! Channel’s “Chelsea Lately,” and some others. He also was asked to perform at the Vancouver Comedy Festival in 2006 and the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, Quebec in 2007.

On the acting front Keith was featured in “Coach Carter” and “Even Money” and has appeared in two national commercials.  Along with those accomplishments, he had a development deal with Turner Broadcasting to create funny webisodes for their internet site Keith also filmed a secret project for Ashton Kutcher which included funny short videos where he was the star. Kutcher directed four of the videos and Keith improvised the rest himself with Kutcher’s approval.

Keith most recently finished shooting two seasons as one of the stars of MTV’s “Disaster Date” with memorable characters such as “Mayhem the Wrestler,” the “Homeless Guy,” “Mr. Romance,” and many more.

Currently, Keith is touring the country performing at colleges and comedy clubs alike.

EPISODE #018 – Riffing with Jimmy Brogan!

Jimmy Brogan Jimmy Brogan, one of the best comics in the business and writer for “The Tonight Show” joins Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder to discuss his career, and give advice to up and coming comedians. Featuring performances by Mike Hover, Jay Light, and John Parr.

Jimmy Brogan is the son of John and Anne Brogan. He was born in New England, but at the age of six moved to Chicago and then to Cleveland. In a short period, he saved enough money with a paper route and a pyramid scheme to pay for his parents to join him.Jim grew up in a Catholic family and went to Catholic schools all the way through. His parents sent him to an all boys high school (St. Ignatius) and an all boys college (Notre Dame).It was a good life for the young lad, his Mom stayed home and made his school lunches and his Dad sold landing gear for a living. But Jim had other ideas of what to do with his life. Armed with his degree in Sociology, he moved to New York City to pursue his dream of scaling skyscrapers with suction cups on his hands and becoming a Human Fly. His fear of heights quickly put an end to that dream. While working day jobs as a tutor, a bartender and in advertising, Jim turned his attention to standup comedy. His first appearance on stage was with his Chinese-American friend, Larry Lee. They billed themselves as The Brogan Brothers. After one disastrous appearance, Jim struck out on his own.

His first act was an impression of a priest from Notre Dame. That lasted two performances. His second act was about going to an intellectual high school. That lasted six months and even longer for the audience. After four years of doing standup comedy, Jim was taken under the wing of legendary comedy manager Jack Rollins (Woody Allen, Dick Cavett, Robert Klein, Nichols and May). Soon Jim was moving to LA to star as an Angel in an ABC sitcom called Out of the Blue. They made thirteen episodes and aired nine. They are evidently still saving four for the next sweeps period.
Jim continued to do his standup comedy and did guest appearances on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson and Late Night with David Letterman.
He also got other TV jobs. He hosted Laffathon (Showtime), Comic Strip Live (Fox) and You Asked For It, Again (Family Channel). The perfectionist that he is, he won’t be satisfied until he has been cancelled by all the networks.

Deciding that he could save a few dollars by not hiring a lawyer, he worked for nine years as an indentured servant on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. His areas of responsibility included being a writer and talent coordinator (booking comedians for the show).Since leaving The Tonight Show, Jim has been busier than ever. Besides doing his standup, he has written two movies and seen three others. He also was a creative consultant on Yakov Smirnoff’s one-man Broadway show, As Long As We Both Shall Laugh. He found out exactly how long we both shall laugh. It was 24 performances.


EPISODE #017 – Abley Disabled featuring Samuel J. Comroe & Drew Lynch!

This week we talk about comedian with disabilities and sit down in the Green Room with Samuel J. Comroe and, the returning, Drew Lynch!

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EPISODE #016 – Contests featuring Tony Baker!

This week we discuss contests and whether they are worth your time to enter as a comedian. In the Green Room we speak with Tony Baker.

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EPISODE #015 – Speaking Your Voice featuring Jimmy Dore!

This week we take a look at Speaking Your Voice or putting your opinions out there for everybody to hear. In the green room we speak with Jimmy Dore!

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