FlappCast Episode #103 – Hand-Me-Down Mattresses… with Justin Foster

JustinFosterHeadshotJustin Foster, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses him being a bartender here at Flappers, tending bar during the open mics, his comedic beginnings in Texas as the class clown, his podcast Foster The Podcast, and the various “hand-me-down” mattresses that have gone through local comedians. During Punch It Up, India Pearl and Galina Rivina perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

Justin Foster is a Texas native area comedian now living in Los Angeles. His quick wit & faced paced style of comedy has been well received by audiences all over the nation for 7 years. Justin delves into extremely personal topics including having a dad in jail, his suffering from depression and panic attacks, and binge drinking. Throw in a dash of crowd interaction, a few hilarious stories from his stand up experiences, family, and dating advice, and you have a well rounded show that takes the audience on a fun yet honest journey. Justin has performed at the world famous Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, the Comedy Store, and is a regular headliner at the Improv in Addison, TX. He was featured on the cover of Addison Magazine & LIT Magazine, was a regular voice on the Pugs and Kelly Show on LIVE 105.3 FM, and was voted one of the top 10 Funniest Comics in Texas in 2009, 2010 & 2011. He also hosted the Body Paint Championships in Las Vegas, had a part in the upcoming film “Saints & Sinners”, did voice work for the cartoon “Sea of Idiots”, and is currently co-writing and filming a T.V. pilot entitled “S.O.L.”.



FlappCast Episode #102 – Discharging In The Best Way Possible… with Alex Ortiz

alex_ortizAlex Ortiz, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses his carreer path of military to firefighter to nurse to comic, the upcoming movie he’s in called I Am Gangster and how he got the role through method acting, and his love for voicing cartoon characters saying more adult things. During Punch It Up, Mihkel Teemant and Johnny Kwon perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

Ex Firefighter, Nurse and Soldier And Now National headlining Comic Alex Ortiz Is a High Energy Showman With a Laugh a Minute Delivery and after 5 kids Two marriages and One Divorce His Life Experience and His Warped way of looking at the World Will Keep You In Stitches. His Impressions are Uncanny and Hilarious!!




FlappCast Episode #101 – Welcome To Flappers, Home Of The FlappCast… with Kel Mitchell

BarbKelJoshKel Mitchell, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses him doing various voice-over work including Veggie Tales, his start doing the show All That, and all sorts of other fun things! During Punch It Up, David Murphy and Tre Stewart perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

Actor, Writer and Director Kel Mitchell was honored with a Cable Ace Award in 1997 for Best Actor in a comedy series for his work in the Nickelodeon series “Kenan and Kel” and also honored with a Kids Choice Award in 1999 for Best Actor in a comedy series for both Nickelodeon series “All That” and “Kenan and Kel”. Having a genuine understanding of today’s youth and roots in kid’s television, Mitchell speaks to youth across the country encouraging them to follow their dreams, to walk by faith and not by sight and live a Godly lifestyle. Kel is involved in putting on and hosting uplifting concerts in inner cities teaming up with major Gospel and Christian music artist. Mitchell is also the spokesperson for “The Black College Expo” providing numerous scholarships for students through out the year. Mitchell’s recent acting in television includes, Cartoon Network’s “Loiter Squad”, Nickelodeon’s “Sam & Cat” & “The Thundermans”, TV One’s “Love That Girl”, CW’s “Stupid Hype”, Disney’s “Good Luck Charlie” & “Liv and Maddie”, “First Family” and BET’s “The Game”.


FlappCast Episode #100 – We Swear It’s A Coincidence That It’s St Patrick’s Day… with Nic Novicki

Nic-3753Nic Novicki, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses how it’s a coincidence that he’s part Irish, a little person, and that it’s Saint Patrick’s Day; that he has a Marketing Degree but decided to go into comedy instead, that he’s now engaged, and tons of other cool fun things! During Punch It Up, Edgar Momplaisir and Brandon Stewart perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

Nic Novicki has been performing for large crowds of people since age 8. As a kid, he would give comical speeches to organizations in order to raise money for the Little People of America. His achievements earlier on in his life led him into representing the youth leadership forum (YLF) for persons with disabilities. He spoke with Bob Dole in front of Congress at the 11th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, introducing Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao. He was awarded an academic scholarship to Temple University’s Fox school of business where he graduated cum laude double majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

During his first week of school Nic walked past a comedy club and decided to give stand-up a shot. He must have nailed it straight out of the gate because just 3 days later he was being paid for his work. His experiences in stand-up comedy soon led to an interest in acting. Wanting to learn more about his new found craft, Nic studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, School of Film and Television, and improvisational comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade.
This talented young man continued following his dreams of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. He joined a start up Production/Marketing Company called Instant Gratification Entertainment, and began a career in Producing. He’s produced several independent movies, commercials, music videos, and developed Marketing campaigns for Sony, Universal and many other companies. In between producing projects he’s managed to flourish as an actor appearing on HBO’s hit show The Sopranos, ABC’s Private Practice, Starz’s Headcase, and on Saturday Night Live in a recurring role as “Alfie”. Currently he has a recurring role on a new HBO show called “Boardwalk Empire” which is being produced, and directed by legendary film maker Martin Scorsese.


FlappCast Episode #99 – Beating Around The Bush

flappers-920Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder discuss Barb’s I See Dumb People blog, which addresses the answers she wishes she could give to various odd questions that Flappers has received over the years. During Punch It Up, Jackie Nash performs a 3 minute set and gets critiques… and it is then that we all learn why this episode has been titled “Beating Around The Bush”!

FlappCast Episode #98 – Dabbling In Life… with Fred Stoller

FredStollerHeadshotFred Stoller, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses his book Maybe We’ll Have You Back, writing for Seinfeld, the lawsuit against him by the “real” Kramer, the before and after his years long hiatus from stand-up, and how he tried to have a process for writing stand-up. During Punch It Up, Keith Kelly and Paul perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

As a stand-up comedian Fred was known for his dating woes, and his thrill-seeker persona. (I drank milk that expired yesterday!) He appeared on Late Night With David Letterman, The Tonight Show, and HBO’s Thirteenth Annual Young Comedian’s Special.

Fred then guest starred on countless sitcoms, establishing himself as TV’s go-to nebbish: most notably as Ray Romano’s mopey cousin Gerard on Everybody Loves Raymond, Elaine’s forgetful date on Seinfeld, and Monica’s bossy co-worker on Friends. He’s appeared in the films Dumb and Dumber, Rebound and Little Man, among others. 

Fred & Vinnie, the indie feature he wrote and starred in, won the Audience award at The Austin Film Festival. 

Fred wrote for the animated series Handy Manny, where he also voiced the character Rusty The Wrench. He was a staff writer for Seinfeld and the author of Maybe We’ll Have You Back–The Life of a Perennial TV Guest published by Skyhorse Publishing.

Fred’s been traveling to colleges, theater groups, and other venues telling stories from his book about his life and the acting world. 


FlappCast Episode #97 – Winning A Fight With Just Words… with Joey Medina

JoeyMedinaJoey Medina, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses the similarities between being a boxer and being a comedian, being on the Original Latin Kings of Comedy, stories from when he was a cop, and how it feels to take a hard punch that you didn’t even realize you took until after it knocked you down.
He also talks about his upcoming fundraiser here at Flappers for The William H Parker Los Angeles Police Foundation on Sunday March 15th, and he’ll be headlining here on May 1st and 2nd.
During Punch It Up, Rishi Arya performs a 3 minute set and gets critiques.


FlappCast Episode #96 – Don’t Try This At Home!… with Bobby Slayton

BobbySlaytonBobby Slayton, along with Joshua Snyder, discusses in delightful roast fashion how Josh intruduced just him as the “Bulldog” instead of the “Pitbull” of comedy, how Bobby started doing stand-up, the way that he deals with hecklers as well as front row texters, and he talks about when you know you have a good joke but need some extra development that’s illuding you. This episode definitly has mature awesome content! During Punch It Up, Mateen Stewart and Dave Neal perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

A true “comic’s comic,” Bobby Slayton, often referred to as “The Pitbull of Comedy”, has been performing his own intense style of stand-up comedy for over 30 years, becoming one of the best known, respected, and energetic comics working today.

Audiences around the country may recognize Bobby from his scene-stealing roles in movies such as “Get Shorty”, “Ed Wood”, “Bandits” and, most recently, “Dreamgirls”.  He’s been seen on dozens of television shows including “The Tonight Show” and “Politically Incorrect”.   Bobby’s many appearances on HBO have included “Comic Relief” and his own stand-up special.   He was a series regular on the HBO series “Mind of a Married Man”, and played Joey Bishop opposite Ray Liotta and Joe Mantegna in the critically acclaimed film “The Rat Pack”.

Slayton’s distinctive gravelly voice has often been heard on animated shows like “Dr. Katz’” and “Family Guy”, as well as many popular radio shows across the country including Howard Stern, Kevin & Bean, and Tom Leykis.

The NY Daily News called Slayton “Armed and Dangerous” and the Las Vegas Review Journal pointed out that “Slayton’s refusal to compromise his art has always made him worth a special trip.”

FlappCast Episode #95 – Down To DTF… with Ian Gutoskie

IanGutoskieIan Gutoskie, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses the National Lampoon movie Robodoc in which he played the Grim Reaper, the story involving a certain tattoo on his arm, him being bipolar II, his PodCast Down 2 DTF, his free book An Introduction to Stand Up Comedy, and some great advice for writing new material. Also, Geri Jewell from The Facts Of Life drops in for bit. During Punch It Up, Greg Gonzalez and Daniel Zaffron perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

If there were two words to sum up Ian Gutoskie they would be Authentic Goofball. Ian will be the first to tell you he can’t tell a joke to save his life, but listening to his undeniable ability to recreate stories from his life takes you on the most interesting journey you can take sitting down! As he brings you through some familiar experiences and some not so familiar experiences his intense, yet fun-loving nature creates an authentic mix of sweetness hilarity and passion. His comedy is silly and playful even though it deals with one of the toughest subjects today, mental illness. Ian is diagnosed bipolar II and talks openly about his challenges with it through stand up. His mission is to not only make people laugh but to provide a reference point and resources for anyone that is suffering with mental illness. 

Ian is now based out of Los Angeles and hosts 2 monthly showcases which can be seen at Sage in Culver City and Bob’s Espresso in North Hollywood. He also hosts a sketch based podcast called “Down To DTF” which can be downloaded on iTunes. 

He is also available for speaking engagements on mental illness.  

You’ve seen Ian in the Movie National Lampoon’s Robodoc, heard him on The Chatter with Robin Quivers, and he’s been a part of Comics On Duty entertaining the troops.