FlappCast Episode #82 – Lamont Ferguson… Lover Of The Canadian Delicacy Poutine

DSCF9756Lamont Ferguson, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses his upcoming Supernatural Junkyard show with Karen Rontowski, the reason why he only plays 8 places in the US, and the uplifting concept of how life is crap after 28. During Punch It Up, Sam Morrison, Dex Carvey and Tom Carvey perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

“Officially’ began his comedy at the age of 17 at the Comedy Store in La Jolla. The list of credits he has amassed since is rather impressive, including 2005 Winner of the Seattle International Comedy Festival, Twice named San Diego Comic of the Year, Voted LA’s Hottest Comic, Twice named “Top Ten Comics” at the Boston Comedy Festival, recently invited to perform at the Halifax Comedy Festival and he was a finalist in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition; which lists him along with other finalists which includes Robin Williams, Ellen DeGeneres,  Sinbad,  Kevin Pollak, Dane Cook, Marsha Warfield, and Rob Schneider.  His television appearances include Comedy Central and Comics Unleashed. He has the distinction of being one of the only comedians to have been the opening act for all of the following comedy heavy hitters: George Lopez, Garry Shandling, Steve Harvey, Richard Jeni, Bill Cosby and George Carlin.

FlappCast Episode #81 – Comedy and Lady Lovin with Chaunte Wayans

DSC02950Chaunte Wayans, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses how she didn’t want to go into show business at first, featuring for Katt Williams, and lady lovin… in depth. During Punch It Up, Alex Weitzman and Paul Walter Hauser perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

Chaunte recently toured for three months opening and featured for Katt Williams, performing in large theaters and arenas across the nation. While touring, she also taped a New Year’s Eve special with him at the Nokia Theater. Although Chaunte loves touring and performing her stand-up comedy, she remains busy working on several upcoming film and television projects, including “Suicidal,” written and directed by her. Chaunte will also be appearing in an upcoming dance film, in TLC’s television show “Trading Spaces” and as a cartoon character in the new animated series Thugaboo. She’s hitting the stage with a message to the ladies. Chaunte takes you into her life of alcohol and drug addiction, and with her firsthand experience of dating women, she describes how she relates to men about their relationships with women. Also be on the look out for Chaunte’s production company Anotha Way Productions which will have many new and exciting projects! Love, Laugh, Live.

FlappCast Episode #80 – Kevin Shea

kevinsheaKevin Shea, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder discusses preferred burial preferences, and that Kevin came right from the airport to the FlappCast. Before that, Barb goes over the current events of newly returned from vacation Josh’s life, banter on fashion, laundry, and an interesting way to “recycle” clothes, then Barb sings musical numbers. During Punch It Up, Rachel Scanlon performs a 3 minute set and gets critiques.

FlappCast Episode #79 – Humorous Stories of Heckling with Jiffy Wild

jeff-jiffy-wildJiffy Wild, along with Barbara Holliday and Richy Leis (Josh is still vacationing in the TARDIS), discusses how he got the nickname “Jiffy” from Chelsea Handler of Chelsea Lately, his worst heckling experience ever which also happened to be his first real show, and other cool stuff! During Punch It Up, Christina Marie Leonard and Skip Beals perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

Jeff “Jiffy” Wild is an actor, known for Chelsea Lately, After Lately, and Heather McDonald: I Don’t Mean to Brag.

FlappCast Episode #78 – Maronzio Vance Imparts His Phenomenally Wise Understanding

vance_blog_picMaronzio Vance, along with Barbara Holliday and Richy Leis (Josh is vacationing in the TARDIS), discusses his start in stand-up at the age of 15, his comedic influences, doing short notice TV spots, and his writing process. During Punch It Up, Jeremy Bassett, Monarey Martinez, and Jeff May perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

Making people laugh for as long as he can remember, this witty, sarcastic, observation storytelling North Carolina-born comedian/actor (who also refuses to accept the fact that he comes from the South because his state starts with “North”) once waited in a men’s bathroom for two and a half hours for a chance to meet the Kings of Comedy– something he has vowed never to do again, unless he has something to do besides pull-ups in the stalls.

If you haven’t seen him in any local bathrooms exercising, you may have seen Maronzio on: “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment”, ‘Wanda Sykes: Wanda Does It”, “Comicview”, “Showtime at the Apollo”, or Montreal’s “Just for Laughs Comedy Festival”. 

FlappCast Episode #77 – Humorous Paranormal Activity with Karen Rontowski

karen_rontowski_headshotKaren Rontowski and her dog Courage, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses things paranormal and esoteric, such as Karen reading Barb’s, Josh’s, and others’ tarot cards, her being a Reiki Master, and her upcoming Supernatural Junkyard Halloween Show! During Punch It Up, William Nickerson performs a 3 minute set and gets critiques.

Comedian Karen Rontowski’s upbeat, optimistic and clean sense of humor has earned her headlining spots all over the world. She has been seen on the Late Show with David Letterman and also opened for such show biz legends as Bob Hope, Ray Charles and the Monkees. Often described as a “New Age Hippie” Rontowski says “there is no time like the present to be living in the past.”

FlappCast Episode #76 – Politics, Economics, and Comedy Galore… Jimmy Dore and Brian McDaniel!

Jimmy-Dore-1Jimmy Dore and Brian McDaniel, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, brilliantly discuss the completely painless topics of politics and economics, Jimmy’s new book Your Country Is Just Not That Into You, and Brian’s work on TMZ. During Punch It Up, Timothy Lang and Victor Pleacoff perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.

Jimmy Dore is the star of several Comedy Central specials, a writer performer for the Off-Broadway hit “The Marijuana-Logues”, the host of his own weekly radio show in Los Angeles on Pacifica Radio 90.7 and you can see him weekly on The Young Turks Network.  His latest effort “Citizen Jimmy” is the award-winning one-hour Comedy Central Special that was chosen Best Of 2008 by iTunes, and was named one the top 5 comedy DVDs of the year by Punchline Magazine.  Jimmy headlines and performs all over the United States and has performed on all the major networks such as NBC’s Last Comic Standing, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel, The Late Late Show, and Comedy Central.  Jimmy has performed at all the hottest comedy festivals including: HBO Aspen Festival, Montreal Comedy Festival, Bumpershoot, Austin Comedy Festival as well as Portland Comedy Festival to name a few.  According to L.A. Weekly, “Jimmy Dore is completely offensive and very funny!”

Brian grew up in Prince George’s county Maryland, riding the bus to school where comedy was the ultimate factor in deciding social status.  Mostly, he just tried to avoid being embarrassed by the popular kids and the foul-mouthed big-banged girls that followed them.  But  he was learning by osmosis, picking up on what was funny and what was just swagger, which jokes made everybody laugh, and which ones just unified the cool clique in their superiority.  He couples this experience  with the pop culture expertise of a TMZ veteran  to write material that’s incisive, ridiculous, and surprising.
He’s got the seat at the back of the bus now, everyone’s laughing, and if you get ripped, well… you deserved it.
He graduated from USC, wrote for the CBS Diversity Showcase, and currently appears on TMZ and TMZ Sports.

FlappCast Episode #75 – Anecdotes from Italy with Lou Santini

LousantiniLou Santini, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses his recent trip to Italy… with his mother, shouting “Are you not entertained?!?” at the Colosseum, blacking out and waking up with a severe back injury, and of course related to back injuries, is sex talk with Josh. During Punch It Up, Richard Gentile performs a 3 minute set and gets extra hilarious and crazy critiques.

Lou Santini won the 2011 Detroit Comedy Festival and the 2004 San Diego Comedy Festival.  His TV hosting and comedy appearances include weekly appearances on “The Countdown” on “Reelz Channel”, with acting and standup comedy performances on “Frank TV”, “Playboy TV”, and “TV Guide Network”.  He was one of the writers and co-hosts of the popular web series “1TrackMind” and he’s been a spokesman and acted in dozens of commercials and continues to do voiceovers for radio and TV.

His first love remains standup comedy, performing in all the popular comedy clubs in Los Angeles and headlining at clubs, colleges and corporate events all over the country. His second full-length comedy album, “Let’s Get Bloated” is available on iTunes and Amazon.com.

See more information, photos, and video clips of Lou Santini at lousantini.com.

Audiences nationwide laugh ‘til their cheeks hurt when Lou dishes out his hilarious, witty, clever, universal material served with a side of sarcasm. Armed with his smartly crafted, absurd anecdotes, a sharp wit and an ability to make very simple things funny, his take on life’s hassles, detours, and frustrations that everyone faces will stay with you for a lifetime!

FlappCast Episode #74 – The Hilarious and Manly Voice of James P Connolly

JPCStageShotJames P Connolly, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses his start in comedy by writing roast jokes for his Colonel in the Marines, the benefits of being professional as a comedian, the difference between your perception of how your set went and the audiences perception, and many many other great things! During Punch It Up, Stretch S.H.P performs a 3 minute set and gets critiques.

James P. Connolly is a stand up comedian and radio/TV host known for his playful, confident style and unique sense of humor.
In addition to having appeared on Comedy Central and HBO, James hosted VH1’s “Movie Obsessions” and more recently “Live From Here” on XM Radio for National Lampoon. He is recognized across the country as one of the most played comedians on the Sirius XM Comedy Channels and is a frequent guest on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show. James has also made multiple trips overseas to entertain the troops.
His latest CD “The Master Plan” debuted to rave reviews on XM Radio’s Comedy Concert Series and has been called “captivating” and “laced with intelligent humor, edgy opinions” and “leaves them (the crowd) hanging on his every word!”
James also wants you to know you he has a very manly voice.

FlappCast Episode #73 – The New Dean of Flappers University… Ken Pringle!

headshot.jpgKen Pringle, along with Barbara Holliday and Joshua Snyder, discusses being the new Dean of Flappers University (or FU), starting the website Chuckle Monkey, and writing and producing with Vince Offer the “ShamWow” guy. During Punch It Up, Brendan Cooney and Brad Silnutzer perform 3 minute sets and get critiques.